Info (multilingual)
Mit Hartmann-Loks on tour: Mit dem 32-Spänner durch Chemnitz.
Museumspädagogik auf dem Bock: Schnupperkurs.
Der Holsten-Sechserzug: Im Zugpferdemuseum zuhause.
Stückguttransport en miniature: Diorama „Spedition“.

The draught horse transportation museum is a privat facility and is working since 2000 in parts of a listed historical barnyard near Hamburg.

The collections contain inventory of professionell stables (four-, six- and ten horse team harnesses, veterinary medicine equipment and post-, beer- and military wagons), library collections and contemporary witnesses documentation.

The research work and documentation is focused on draught horses in trade, commerce, industry, communication (post) and military. The farming horse is mentioned in terms not covered by local and open-air museums.

On time axis three topics are shown: High-/Late Middle Ages (intensification of European trading/interurban transport), Modern Age (communication/post, military) and Industrialisation (horse and technics, logistics).

Documentations of basic information about horses - breed, spread, keeping, veterinary medicine – are always in relation to the use of draught horses.

The museum-team is looking forward to contacts with people interested, museums and universities who engage in this or similar subjects and is always willingly providing informatoin about its own work.